Mexican Bestiary: Sneek Peak #3

Here is another glimpse at our upcoming bilingual encyclopedia of fantastic creatures, titled Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario mexicano.


A TLAHUELPUCHI (tlah well POO chee) is a sort of shape-shifting vampire who lives with her human family and prefers the blood of infants. The vast majority of tlahuelpocmimi (the plural of tlahuelpuchi) are female, and the females are more powerful than the males. Differently from European vampires, a tlahuelpuchi is not made: she is born with her curse, which cannot be removed. Tlahuelpocmimi first learn of what they are when they reach puberty, often from a family member who shares the condition. Once the curse manifests itself, these Mexican vampires must drink blood at least once a month. If they don’t, they will suffer an agonizing death. As the condition can’t be passed on, victims never become vampires; instead, they simply die. Though a tlahuelpuchi will always prefer to attack babies, often as they sleep snuggled beside their mothers, she can also survive on the blood of older children and teens. The typical sign that the victim was killed by the tlahuelpuchi are bruises on the upper body and small puncture marks.
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Mexican Bestiary: Sneak Peek #2

Here is another glimpse at our upcoming bilingual encyclopedia of fantastic creatures, titled Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario mexicano.


Chupacabras are reptilian monsters with scaly grayish-green skin, large eyes that glow red in the darkness, stiletto-like fangs and sharp spines along their backs. The goatsuckers stand some 3 to 4 feet tall, and they get around by hopping like a kangaroo. When startled or angry, the creatures hiss and make a chittering, whining sound.  Most predators kill their prey; the chupacabras, however, drain all of an animal’s blood through three holes in the shape of an upside-down triangle that they make with their teeth.

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Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario Mexicano

On June 29, VAO Publishing will release Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario Mexicano, an illustrated encyclopedia of legendary creatures from Mexico that will delight both young and old. Featuring fabulous art by co-author Noé Vela, this volume serves as an introduction to the mythology of a great people as well as a tool for enhancing the literacy of language learners. Recommended for young adult readers.

El 29 de junio, el editorial VAO publicará Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario Mexicano, una enciclopedia ilustrada de seres legendarios de México que deleitará a los jóvenes y a los adultos por igual. Con el fabuloso arte de co-autor Noé Vela, este volumen sirve tanto como introducción a la mitología de un gran pueblo como una herramienta para mejorar las habilidades de los que están aprendiendo inglés o español. Se recomienda para lectores jóvenes.

Book Description
Who protects our precious fields of corn? What leaps from the darkness when you least suspect it? Which spirit waits for little kids by rivers and lakes? From the ahuizotl to the xocoyoles—and all the imps, ghosts and witches in between—this illustrated bilingual encyclopedia tells you just what you need to know about the things that go bump in the night in Mexico and the US Southwest.

¿Quién protege nuestras milpas preciosas? ¿Qué cosa salta de la oscuridad cuando menos te lo esperes? ¿Cuál espíritu acecha a los pequeños cerca de los ríos y los lagos? Desde el ahuizotl a los xocoyoles—y demás diablillos, fantasmas y brujas—esta enciclopedia ilustrada bilingüe te dice justo lo que debes saber sobre las cosas que dan miedo en México y en el suroeste de los Estados Unidos.

Book Details
Paperback: 203 pages
Publishing Date: June 30, 2012
Language: English and Spanish
ISBN-10: 0615571190
ISBN-13: 978-0615571195
Product Dimensions:
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Book Availability
The enciclopedia will be available through as a trade paperback or an eBook. Additionally, eBook versions will be available through Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore. Mexican Bestiary | Bestiario Mexicano will eventually be available for order at most national bookstores. To preview and purchase online, navigate to the book’s Amazon page by clicking here.