Halloween Story: Jack Is Back

Long ago a clever thief named Jack tricked the Devil, trapping him until he agreed to make a deal: not to take Jack’s soul to Hell when he died. Well, eventually the day of Jack’s death came, but the guardians of Heaven refused to let him in since he had done so many bad things.  Jack tried Hell, but the Devil reminded him of their deal. Jack realized that he would have to wander the world in darkness. The Devil felt a little sorry for him and gave him an ember from Hell that provided a light that would never go out. Jack carved a face into a turnip and placed the ember inside. From then on he has been known as Jack of the Lantern…
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On February 20, VAO Publishing released its second children’s book—Swift the Cat-Human, Book 2: Shutdown. Written by Angelo Bowles and illustrated by Charlene Bowles, Shutdown is a hilarious, adventure-filled tale for kids 7-12 years of age.

Cover for Shutdown

Book Description
Reaves has escaped, and pretty soon everyone figures out that he’s a bigger threat than ever.  He has injected himself with a virus that puts poison dart frog DNA in every cell of his body, and now no one can touch him, not even Swift.

It will take more than just Swift and Kenmei to shut down Reaves’ plans: they need to recruit a team of cat-humans.

The question is will the government let them?

Book Details
Paperback: 100 pages
Publishing Date: February 20, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615544428
ISBN-13: 978-0615544427
Product Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:

Book Availability
This chapter book will be available in the VAO Publishing store and through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble as a trade paperback. Additionally, eBook versions will be available soon through Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore. Shutdown will eventually be available for order at most national bookstores. To preview and purchase online, navigate to the book’s Amazon page by clicking here.

Article on VAO Publishing Author

Both Mix-Up and Along the River were featured works at yesterday’s Community Book Festival in Harlingen. Even among the 18 authors and illustrators on hand from across the state, Angelo Bowles drew a great deal of attention due to his young age.  The Valley Morning Star published an article on the event today in which Angelo figures prominently: click here to read more.