Arriba Baseball! Coming June 2013

VAO Publishing is looking at a June publication date for Arriba Baseball!

Here’s the line-up of all-stars:

Foreword by Peter C. Bjarkman
Introduction by Robert P. Moreira
“Uncle Rock” by Dagoberto Gilb
“Los Tecolotes” by Norma Elia Cantú
“Chasing Chato” by Wayne Rapp
“Recollections of a High School Benchwarmer” by Daniel Romo
“Down the Line” by Edward Vidaurre
“One Inning at a Time Till Nine” by René Saldaña, Jr.
“Ritualidades” by Juan Antonio González
“Baseball Over the Moon” by Kathryn Lane
“Juan Bobo” by Nelson Denis
“Tomboy Forgiveness” by David Rice
“So Much for the Cubs” by Melissa Hidalgo
“The Noble Roman” by Pete Cava
“The Heat” by Thomas de la Cruz
“Good Father” by Christine Granados
“You’ll Hit It Over Anzaldúas Bridge” by Robert Paul Moreira

Pushcart Prize Nominations

VAO Publishing is proud to announce our 2012 nominations for the Pushcart Prize:

  • “Combustible Sinners” by Myra Infante
  • “Snow in the Valley” by Alan Oak
  • “Beneath the Encino” by Robert Paul Moreira
  • “Creating a Self-Conscious Literary World in South Texas” by Dr. Rob Johnson
  • “These Hands Which Never Picked Cotton” by Amalia Ortiz
  • “Amerika” by Dr. Christopher Carmona
  • “Summer Song” by Katherine Hoerth
  • “From the Valley” by Juventino Manzano
  • “Lorca in the Barrio” by Edward Vidaurre
  • “Nopales for Breakfast” by José Hernández Díaz

Along the River 3: Call for Submissions

Calling All Writers from South Texas! Get your poems, flash fiction and essays published in the third Along the River anthology.

VAO Publishing is accepting submissions for its upcoming title Along the River 3: Dark Voices from the Río Grande. The anthology will be available in October 2013 in trade paperback and eBook form.

Authors whose work is selected for inclusion will receive a free copy of the paperback. There will additionally be six monetary prizes for the pieces judged by a panel to be the most appealing.

If you are interested in being part of this exciting project, you should your work through our submission form. Submission deadline is May 1, 2013.

Content Guidelines:
The third volume of Along the River focuses on the darker side of life along the river. Send us your spooky stories, your demented poems, your heart-breaking memoirs. As always, we prefer pieces that either take place in this region or deal with issues pertaining to deep south Texas. And, please, try to keep things PG-13. We don’t mind frank language and subject matter, but we need to be accessible to a wide, general audience. Thanks!

Poetry: You may submit up to six poems; we would prefer not to print more than three by any one author. If your poems are in Spanish, please try to craft an accompanying English translation for the appendix. If you can’t, the editor will translate any poem selected for you.

Flash fiction: You may submit up to three pieces of flash fiction (or microfiction). These pieces should contain 2000 words or fewer. For longer fiction, please inquire first by e-mailing the editor.

Essays: You may submit up to two essays of no more than 2500 words.

For further information, drop us an e-mail or comment on this page.

Along the River 2 Launch Party and Awards Ceremony

UPDATED: VAO Publishing will be officially releasing the second volume of its Along the River anthology series on November 18, 2012. The launch party and award ceremony will take place on that date at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library in Edinburg. There will be music and art on tap as well as readings by contributors. The ceremony itself will get underway at 2 pm, but we encourage everyone to arrive closer to 1:30 pm to pick up a copy of the book and socialize with the authors. Light refreshments will be provided.