About Us

VAO Publishing is a division of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Valley Artist Outreach.  Our mission is to promote both the voices of writers in the Río Grande Valley and the literacy of Hispanics in general.  To achieve these goals, we are implementing a multi-tiered strategy:

  • editing an annual anthology of local talent (Along the River is the name of this series)
  • publishing a small number of titles by Valley authors (or by authors whose work would appeal to readers in the Valley) each year
  • procuring top-notch authors to edit anthologies of established and upcoming writers whose work has special relevance to the Río Grande Valley
  • providing creative writing workshops to aspiring local writers
  • conducting writing contests for elementary and secondary children

Please direct any inquiries to publishing@valartout.org

Contact information for our board of directors and staff can be found here.

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