Along the River 2 Awards

The reception forAlong the River 2 went incredibly well. Many contributors read one of their selections, and Pura Belpré-winning author Guadalupe García McCall gave a wonderful closing talk.

Ten awards were presented, the top six of which had a monetary prize attached:

First place: Rossy Evelin Lima, for “Las dos lenguas”
Second place: Amalia Ortiz, for “These Hands Which Have Never Picked Cotton”
Third place: Christopher Carmona, for “Amerika”
Fourth place: Katherine Hoerth, for “Summer Song”
Fifth place: Juventino Manzano, for “From the Valley”

First place: Robert Paul Moreira, for “Beneath the Encino”
Second place: Alan Oak, for “Snow in Valley”
Third place: Alejandro Cabada Fernández, for “Doña Lipa”
Fourth place: Rob Johnson, for “Creating a Self-Conscious Literary World in South Texas”
Fifth place: Erika Said Izaguirre, for “Esta noche los muertos regresan”

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