On April 1, VAO Publishing released its first children’s book—Swift the Cat-Human, Book 1: Mix-Up. Written by Angelo Bowles and illustrated by Charlene Bowles, Mix-Up is a hilarious, adventure-filled tale for kids 7-12 years of age.

Book Description
Swift was just an ordinary house cat until a mix-up in the lab of his owner, Dr. Gonzales. Now he’s part human… and not really sure if he likes it.

Pretty soon, everybody wants a cat-human of their own. But when Dr. Gonzales starts to create more, he accidentally makes a dangerous villain.

And Swift is forced to become a hero.

Book Details
Paperback: 60 pages
Publishing Date: April 1, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461009979
ISBN-13: 978-1461009979
Product Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:

Book Availability
This chapter book is available in the VAO Publishing store and through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble as a trade paperback. Additionally, eBook versions will be available soon through Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore. Mix-Up will eventually be available for order at most national bookstores. To preview and purchase online, navigate to the book’s Amazon page by clicking here.

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